Challenge Your Creative Energy

My finished beach painting

Challenge Your Creative Energy

Dear friends,

I hope you have experienced a great beginning to 2013 and that you have many exciting things “in the works” for this year.

For me personally, it’s been an awesome start to the year. In December and January, I took painting classes again. It’s been amazing to challenge the creative side of me that I never knew existed. Do you plan to challenge your own creative energy this year?

Recently, I registered a new twitter account where I post daily. Please follow me @thisisrealread. I’ve also planned two different workshops for March that will help you to increase your financial IQ. Please see the back of this letter for details. I hope to see you there. In addition, throughout this spring and fall, I will be conducting investor property tours. Both the workshops and tours will be posted on my site: Click on the Real Estate heading on the top menu and then click on investment property tours or upcoming workshops from the drop down menu. I hope to see you out to one of these.

As for the real estate market, so far this year we have experienced less transactions than last year at this time yet the average selling price is up by 4.3%. The demand still outweighs the supply in most pockets other than currently in the condominium market where there is a great window of opportunity for those wanting to buy one. Within the GTA, I expect there to be enough competition between buyers to sustain continued price growth throughout 2013, somewhere in the 3-5% range.

Whatever spring holds for you, I hope it’s very happy and challenges your creativity.

All the best!

Michelle Read

Personal Real Estate Consultant…For Life

P.S. I have time right now to work with a 2-3 new clients wanting to buy or sell. Who do you know who could benefit from my help? Please don’t keep me a secret.

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