Do you know your number?

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Do you how much you will need invested by the time you retire to fund your lifestyle? What you don’t know WILL hurt you.

I have a free course coming up on the 19th of February that will give you the essential info needed to guide you to your number. I know it’s about money, but I promise to make it fun.

Why am I doing this for free? My mission is to help as many people as possible set themselves up for financial success. I believe that the most powerful thing any human being can do in their lifetime is to significantly change someone else’s life in a positive way and in my opinion, the two worst things to happen to you in life is to retire without a plan and have to flip burgers or to have regrets. If you attend this class and follow what is taught there, neither of these things will be your reality.

You will learn:

-Intelligent strategies to save you over $100,000 in taxes.

-How to minimize the tax you pay now and in the future

-Strategies on income splitting

-How different forms of income are taxed which will directly impact your life.

Join us on Thursday, February 19th from 7-9pm at my office:

358 Davenport Road (just West of Avenue Road and just South of Dupont Street).

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