Financial Freedom Workshop

Protect Your Financial Future


Learn how to use other people’s money and knowledge to gain wealth and take charge of your financial future.

We have created an environment where guests feel really comfortable asking questions about matters relating to debt and finances. In return, you will get very direct and honest answers.

We will give you the foundation to not only eliminate debt, but to create the habits to stay out of debt and how to move from survival to significance. You will discover your “Big Why” which is the real reason for achieving financial freedom

You will also learn how to begin building wealth by investing in passive income producing vehicles which will help you to achieve financial freedom.

This is an action packed engaging workshop that will enrich your life and forever alter the way you see your financial future.

The cost of admission for the workshops is a non perishable food item (for donation to a local food bank).  There is no obligation but you must attend two sessions, both running for 2 hours in duration.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail on or bring along friends, family members, colleagues and anyone else whom you think will benefit from these workshops.

For more information, contact Michelle Read (416) 879-7323;

To your financial freedom!





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