Get Inspired Momentum In Your Business and Life!

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This is an illuminating conversation about living a life with no fear and harnessing the freeing power of money!

I have known my guest, Michelle Read, for nearly 10 years. Michelle is in the top 1% of Real Estate Consultants across Canada. She is not only wildly successful financially, but she’s beautiful, spirited, travels the world, runs marathons, owns properties in Mexico and Panama, loves adventure, takes risks and lives a fantastically HUGE life. I witness her as living in what I call “Inspired Momentum”.

I’ve always been curious about what makes this woman operate, so I am beyond excited to have this time to find out. Her childhood roots of extreme poverty have something to do with her determination to be wealthy and successful.  In this interview she’ll share with us her personal transformation; from lonely and obsessed with success… to living a life of passion and purpose.

Michelle brings a unique understanding of money and what it means. Her ultimate mission is to teach financial literacy to children and young adults that live in deeply impoverished areas of the world.

I’m Meshell Zwicker, Business/Life Coach & Firestarter at To get affordable help from me, check out my “Get IT Done in 30 Days Challenge”, a monthly group coaching & accountability program. Only $150 for first-timers. I’m airing through under the collaborative

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