How Do You Relate to People You Love?


Jim was waiting for a friend at the airport and he struck up a conversation with the businessman standing next to him. As they chatted, the businessman’s wife and children ran up to the luggage carousel. The children hugged him repeatedly, and his wife gave the businessman a long, passionate kiss. The businessman introduced Jim to his wife and Jim asked how long they’d been married.

“Twenty-five years”, the wife said happily.

  “And how long were you gone for?” asked Jim, expecting the answer to be weeks or maybe months.

“Two days”, the businessman said.

“Just two days?” Jim was incredulous. “I hope after 25 years of marriage my family still misses me that much after just 48 hours.”

The man gave Jim a smile. “Don’t hope for it – do it.”

On Valentine’s Day remember that love is just as much a choice as it is an emotion.

Have a very happy Valentines day!

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