Learn the Secrets of Win-Win Rent to Own Investing

Rent to own homes

Are you frustrated by the small returns you are getting from your current investments or are you in the market to purchase a property but don’t yet qualify based on today’s lending criteria?

If this is you, you will not want to miss my upcoming workshop where Andrew MacDonald, president of Ownership Solutions in Toronto, will teach the little known secrets of  win-win rent to own investing. Andrew has a unique ability to assemble win-win real estate transactions that create wealth for tenant-buyers and provide excellent cash flow for investors.

Have you ever heard of investing in a rent to own partnership?

Rent to own is not only for those wishing to purchase a property by way of a rent to own method, it is also an amazing investment opportunity that can also be a great alternative to actually buying an income property.

Come to our free, no obligation Rent To Own Investing workshop where you will learn:

What rent to own is

The 3 major types of rent to own

The benefits and drawbacks of rent to own investing

How you can safely earn double digit returns while helping Canadian families

Keys to structuring “WIN-WIN” deals

Real life rent to own examples

To learn more about this workshop being held on the evening of Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at a downtown Toronto location, please contact Michelle Read at (416) 879-7323 or by e-mail: mx.mr@sympatico.ca


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