Sell Faster When You

When most sellers list their home for sale the first thing they think about is “How much will I get?” and that is usually followed by “How soon will I get it?”

It’s certainly understandable that those two concerns are top of mind. But, if as a seller, you can get into the buyer’s mindset, the sale of your home can come faster and for more money.

Understanding the way buyers think can sound easy but actually it’s often harder than most sellers think. The psychology of buying is driven by emotional experiences, money, and timing. With that in mind, sellers can help create optimal circumstances that literally walk the buyer through the process.

It starts with a feeling, a first impression. Work with your agent to learn exactly what first impression your home is giving. Pick up all the clutter that’s floating around. Throw out old magazines. Make the beds. People
like to see things that are streamlined or clean or fresh looking. No shelf or closet should becompletely full. Put half your books and sports equipment and all your out-of-season clothes into off-site storage. Empty the garage.

Go the extra step: Steam clean the carpets, the upholstery, the furniture (this is essential if you’re a smoker!). Clean the windows and light fixtures. Wash (or remove!) the draperies. Make it feel and smell clean when you walk in.

Go back to basics. You may love your turquoise carpet but do you really think buyers will?

Getting inside the buyer’s mind will help you answer these questions. Leaf through home décor magazines to
see what appeals to the masses. You don’t have to change everything in your home, but going back to basics in
a few areas will help buyers see how your home can become their home.

As soon as buyers see a really loud or dark color they automatically think about re-doing. That, of course, means the buyers are already calculating the amount they need to take off the sale price to get the home in the condition they would like it. If instead you stick with neutral wall colors such as off-white or light beige, you have a better chance in preserving the sale price.

Repair anything that looks torn, worn or broken.

If you were shopping and saw a garment you liked but it was torn or missing buttons, you’d likely search for another or ask for a discount if that was the only one of its kind. That’s what buyers will do with your home when they spot torn screens, sticky garage doors, or broken light fixtures.

If the home doesn’t look clean, spotless, and repaired then the buyer wonders “What’s behind the walls? How much more money do I have to put into this home?” Buyers begin to think that there is more damage to the home than what they’re able to see and then they start to calculate the cost of repairing those damages, often exaggerating the amount of money needed to fix the repairs.

Get into the buyer’s mind, and you’ll sell quicker and for a higher price.

The psychology of buying is driven by emotional experiences, money, and timing.

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